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Notice: Wanted - GMs Rules  [17 June 2010]cruinne004:01, Sat 05 May 2007 by the author
Solo Game But Not Really   [last]Tortuga300:47, Today by Jhaelan
W40K: Rogue Trader   [last]Crusader2010822:20, Sat 17 Nov by Crusader2010
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Looking for a Game or Two   [first|last]Rez51201:50, Fri 16 Nov by Rez
Looking for someone to GM a bizarre adventure.   [last]Ace Sorou200:56, Fri 16 Nov by Ace Sorou
Savage Worlds!NowhereMan020:37, Thu 15 Nov by the author
Legend of the Five Rings (5e)   [last]Hatten108:29, Thu 15 Nov by Hatten
Scion 2nd Ed   [last]Cassieledm407:57, Thu 15 Nov by Steeldragon05
Need a Co-GM for a D&D 5e Fantasy Game   [last]JinxMage2314206:14, Thu 15 Nov by nickla
Demon: the Descent - Multisplat or SingleSteeldragon05006:00, Thu 15 Nov by the author
GM for a Wheel of Time game?   [last]12th Doctor220:55, Wed 14 Nov by Sardis
Fragged?   [last]wolf_fighter_yugo102:42, Wed 14 Nov by wolf_fighter_yugo
Continuation of a God GameLoonyLadle011:15, Tue 13 Nov by the author
4th Edition D&D   [last]cooneydad303:19, Tue 13 Nov by cooneydad
3.5 epic game (gestalt?)   [last]Aleph Null1402:13, Tue 13 Nov by BrisNoc
Superheroes   [last]baxtheslayer101:51, Tue 13 Nov by soulsight
Wuxia meets Pathfinder (Gestalt 16th+)   [last]Sardis2402:42, Mon 12 Nov by smithy211
Starfinder   [last]Hunter1023:49, Sun 11 Nov by Hunter
Moved: Freeform Games you'd like to see GM'd?TheatricalHysterics023:42, Sat 10 Nov by the author
Adult or Mature One Ringthattripletguy023:02, Sat 10 Nov by the author
Looking for a New World of Darkness Hunter-type game   [last]swimdoll321:46, Sat 10 Nov by Gray-Exile43
Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine (Early Exploration)   [last]atminn113:30, Fri 09 Nov by Alyse
Looking for CO-GMs for my EVIL Campaign (Adult)Feast018:37, Thu 08 Nov by the author
DnD 3.5 Small Group/Solo Request   [last]RosstoFalstaff422:58, Wed 07 Nov by Tomokun
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